Diagnosis for 8.9.22: Checking the pulse of Florida health care news and policy

Florida Politics It’s time again to check the pulse — of Florida’s health care policy and politics. … A state medical board wants to require physicians to use ultrasound equipment while performing Brazilian butt lifts and limit the number of procedures Florida-licensed physicians can perform a day to make the procedure safer for patients, who […]

Why Surgeons Are Appealing Florida’s Emergency BBL Safety Ruling

NewBeauty Earlier this month the Florida Board of Medicine made an unprecedented ruling that limits the number of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures a surgeon can perform to three per day and requires the use of ultrasound guidance while performing these surgeries. The ruling comes after a series of BBL-related deaths occurred in Miami and many surgeons […]

Surgeons for Safety aims to boost ‘Brazilian butt lift’ safety in Florida

Florida Politics A coalition of plastic surgeons launched an organization Wednesday to educate the public and push “commonsense measures” for gluteal fat grafting transfers — a procedure commonly known as a “Brazilian butt lift.” Surgeons for Safety, comprised of board-certified plastic surgeons, was formed shortly after the Florida Board of Medicine approved an emergency order […]

Florida plastic surgeons squawk over ‘Brazilian butt lift’ rules

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Seven plastic surgeons are asking an appeals court to block a new state emergency rule that placed additional restrictions on procedures known as “Brazilian butt lifts.” The surgeons, who practice in Miami-Dade County, and the group Surgeons for Safety Inc., filed the challenge Monday in the 3rd District Court of Appeal after […]